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  • Stay Sharp On The Road: 5 Ways To Avoid Driver Fatigue

    Stay Sharp On The Road: 5 Ways To Avoid Driver Fatigue

    RV travel gives you the freedom to pick up and go on a whim, but with that freedom comes great responsibility. In addition to keeping your vehicle in sound running order, it’s critical that you to keep your mental faculties well tuned while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, too many motorists hit the road after insufficient

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  • Litter on the Loose

    Litter on the Loose

    Anyone who travels with cats has to find a place in the RV for a litter pan. We found that the cat litter often was thrown out of the litter pan—even though our pan has high sides.So we bought a new storage container that our litter pan would fit into exactly, which made the new

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  • Keeping Chassis Batteries Charged

    Keeping Chassis Batteries Charged

    Check out this inspired solution from an experienced RVer: I keep our motorhome plugged in when it’s not being used so the three-stage inverter/charger can maintain the house batteries charge. This works fine, but when I cover the coach, the solar panel for charging the chassis batteries doesn’t work very well. To fix this problem,

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  • Carpe Autumn! Four Fall Destinations & Drives

    Carpe Autumn! Four Fall Destinations & Drives

    It begins the first day that summer’s oppressive heat and humidity breaks — thoughts of fall, and all the places to visit during the most beautiful season of the year. Whether it’s the deserts of the Southwest or the rolling hills of the Northeast, the scenery of the entire United States is at its best

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  • RV Clinic: Battery Upgrades

    RV Clinic: Battery Upgrades

    Before you upgrade the battery system in your trailer you should first figure out how much power you will need to draw from that new bank of batteries. There are websites that have calculators that allow you to estimate the power consumption and battery sizes you will need.

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  • Synthetic Lubrication

    Synthetic Lubrication

    Both Royal Purple and Amsoil have long track records with consumer vehicles. As long as you use lubricants that meet or exceed your Toyota requirements per its API ratings, available in your owners’ manual, your Tundra should be in good hands.

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  • Fool the Kid

    Fool the Kid

    To install, simply apply a section of hook-and-loop tape (with adhesive backing) to the inside of the drawer face, leaving the opposite portion of the material attached. Peel off the protective paper from the exposed sections of hook-and-loop material and close the drawer. This will give you the proper position for the matching hook-and-loop tape.

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  • RV Battery Converter Solutions

    RV Battery Converter Solutions

    Learn how to properly maintain your RV batteries by upgrading to a three-stage smart battery charger. Installation instructions are thorough and allow for the retention of the old case, plus it avoids complete removal and replacement of the old converter.

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  • Considering Weight for RV Hitches

    Considering Weight for RV Hitches

    What things should you consider when hitching your travel trailer or RV to your tow vehicle? The goal is to have the vehicle sit level when connected to the RV. You may need to use a properly rated weight-distribution hitch set to achieve this.

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  • Quick Tip for Storing RVs at Home

    Quick Tip for Storing RVs at Home

    If you store your RV alongside your house, you know that the overhanging eaves can be difficult to see using the side mirrors. With a piece of rope and a wood disc attached at the farthest outward point, you will be able to see where the overhang ends without adjusting your RV mirrors.

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  • Replacing Dual-Pane RV Windows

    Replacing Dual-Pane RV Windows

    The strain of road travel can damage the inner air seals of dual pane RV windows, causing the window to fog and your frustration to increase. Here are a few ideas for repairing or replacing your foggy windows.

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  • Water Pump Cycling Part II

    Water Pump Cycling Part II

    Last year, my RV water pump kept cycling on about every 10 minutes. After pulling most of my hair out looking for a leak that didn’t exist, I finally discovered it to be a torn O-ring inside one of the valves.

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