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Contoure RV Coffee Maker

Finally, a delicious cup of hot coffee and recreational fun are no longer mutually exclusive. The Contoure CMM1000 10-cup coffee maker ($99.95) has a variety of installation options to suit your RV kitchen: under-cabinet, wall-mount, or behind a hideaway door.

In addition, the carafe, water reservoir, and brewing basket are designed to remain in place during transportation — ideal qualities for an RV coffee maker. It features a programmable, 24-hour LED digital clock and timer. To save energy, the coffee maker shuts off when it has finished brewing.


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  • Disappointed

    We purched this coffee maker about 2 years ago to installing our 5 th wheel. It was installed under the cabinet about mid trailer. The carafe never did stay in place when traveling and ended up on the floor several times before I started to remove it before we started traveling. $100 is a lot of money to spend on something that does not do what it says.

  • sue

    does the long bolts go in front or back of the bracket for the under counter coffee maker. I have 2 long ones and 2 short one no instuctions. we removed it from our motor home and didnt see it took down. need help.

    • csoash

      Hi Sue,

      This model has been discontinued, so it took us a while to track something down, but we did find the original manual. You can find it by following the link below. I have also attached images of the parts list and instructions to this post. The different sized bolts are used for different mounting styles.
      Short Bolts = Under Cabinet (flat)

      Long Bolts = Under Cabinet (overhang)

      Here is a link to the full manual:

      Happy Camping!

      ~TrailerLife.TV Staff


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