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Quick Tip for Storing RVs at Home


Randy Brien provides a trick that he likes to use to keep track of an overhang on his house when he parks his RV:

If you store your RV alongside your house, you know that the overhanging eaves can be difficult to see using the side mirrors; they are too high for the normal line of sight. With a piece of rope and a 6-inch wood disc attached at the farthest outward point, adjusted to mirror height, I can now see where the overhang ends without messing with the RV mirror adjustment. When the RV mirror makes contact with the disc you should also have 3 inches of clearance between the end of the overhang and the mirror. Read more


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  • Drcordray

    water leaking in front and back of trailer. lots of rott and problems due to this,  5 wheel with fiber glass shell.  if tearing into this, should we start on outside or inside?  Tks

    • TrailerLifeTV

      Boy, it really depends on the situation – whether the water is coming from inside or outside and how much you know about the source. I would suggest you consult a professional to get you on the right path – it can be very costly to explore. Best of luck!


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