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How To Install an RV Roof Vent Cover

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Run time : 3:02
Uploaded on 1 May 2012

RV roof vent covers protect your vents from incoming rain and weather, so you can take full advantage of your ventilation year-round. Learn how to install an RV roof vent cover step-by-step. A TrailerLifeTV original video.

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  • Wayne Moore

    Hi Bill, When I installed my roof vent covers I did an extra step to make the cover fit closer to the roof. After I marked the location for the holes I trimmed the calking from the around the vent where the bracket is to be bolted so that the bracket would fit flush with the roof.  With the bracket in place I marked the location to drill the holes. When the vent cover is bolted on the vent then fits less than 1/8th”  from the roof. This prevents moisture from gaining access into the vent even when driving or strong winds.

    Bill, I met you in Palm Springs Thousand Trails a couple years ago and had talked to you about the H2 generator I had installed on my Class A gas. I think it helps but not sure how much.


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