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How To Install a Thermostat for an RV Water Heater

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Run time : 3:42
Uploaded on 29 November 2012

Learn how to install an adjustable water heater thermostat on your RV. Watch as we remove a non-adjustable thermostat from an RV and install an adjustable water heater thermostat.  A TrailerLifeTV original video.

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  • Ken Cuneo

    The only problem with replacing the thermostat is that if you lower temp to 120 degrees ( normal setting) you get less hot water because you will add less cold water to the mix. You could run out of hot water in shower.

    • TrailerLifeTV

      Hey, Ken! It sounds like you are concerned with water pressure in the shower – which does affect the temperature if you want more water volume. Check out our video on installing a Water Pump Accumulator Tank – that could get you where you want to be pressure-wise in the shower without requiring a higher thermostat temp.

  • Acschimpf55

    installing adjustable water haeter themostat was very help full thank you

    • TrailerLifeTV

      Thank you for watching!

  • Steve

    I think you should do that video over again and complete the attachment process. It was trying to fall out of the hole with nothing to hold it in.


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